Thursday, February 26, 2015


We might not have had any big plans for this week off of school - no travels, no surprises, no exotic adventures - but we sure know how to be lazy and we've learned about "glorified doodling"! :)

I read about drawing Zentangles a while back and was intrigued enough to check the library for more information. Our local library didn't have any books about Zentangles, but they got one in for me and this week we've been doodling away! I knew immediately it would be something Jasmine would enjoy, but was pleasantly surprised to have Jennifer and Lillian join the fun. The ideas are endless and the more you do, the more inspiration and creativity flows!

I'm not going to go into an explanation, if you're intrigued you can check it out online or at the library. It's supposed to be done with fine tip pens, but so far we've been using pencil. I've seen lovely, homemade cards made out of this stuff or even pieces that are suitable to frame. Some people incorporate it into their scrapbooking or journaling.... like I said, the ideas are endless! Check it out, and have some fun! :)

PS It's also a great thing to keep you from getting your work done..........


Shannon said...

How interesting. We just started doing this here too. The girls are all intrigued and keep leaning over my shoulder looking for ideas.

Tina said...

Ya I need something else to keep me from getting my work done. :)