Saturday, May 2, 2015

An Argument With The Writer

"You have to write something," I told myself. "It's been over a week since you wrote and your last posts were pathetic!"

"I can't help it," I argued. "I just can't write right now!"

"Write about the picnic you and Chris went on," I told myself. "You could make a good story out of that!"

"No." I argued. "It's too complicated. I don't feel like going to all the work."

"Write about all the beauty of Spring! All the green and the forsythia and the redbuds and the it makes you think of home..."

"Naaah. Same old surface-y stuff. It'll be obvious I'm empty of words and just making stuff up!"

"Well then, write about the abscence of words and how when dark things are hiding in the back of your mind it's impossible to write..."

"Good grief. No. What is this, a broken record?"

"Ok. Fine. Do what your friend suggested and write about some tips for making your marriage better!"

"Oh please. I hate preachy blog posts. Besides, I tried twice and it just sounds lame. What do I have to say about tips for marriage anyway? Look at the big go around we had this week! And I'm not going into that; no."

"What is your problem anyway??? You've got to write SOMETHING! You hate blogs that go for days and weeks without a new post! Just put some cute kid pictures in and some cute kid quotes and call it good."

"Blah. Don't feel like it."

"You are impossible. You must have some deep, underlying issues that need to be dealt with. Maybe you should consider counseling or something! Have you been taking your vitamins lately?"

"Go AWAY!!!!!"

"But this is seriously dumb. What is your deal???"

"Ok, really? If you must be so nosy and pushy, here's the deal: there's some stuff going on between..... No. I can't really go into that, it's too personal and I don't want to talk about it. Some of it, though, I think is related to that email conversation about my....... No. I can't really write about that either. Not now anyway...."

And there the argument stands, and there it continues to rage. And if it doesn't make any sense to you, and you're still puzzled as to why no new posts are showing up around here lately, that makes two of us.

Kind of.


That's all.


Shannon said...

:) I thought all of those things too. It will come, eventually!

Dorcas said...

I can relate to this all. the. way. To the extent that I get the creepy feeling you crawled into my head and wrote down what you heard.
Sometimes you're a blogger but 98% of your life is not for public consumption and all you have left is pictures of the lilacs and the cat.
Blessings on you.

Tilly said...

This is SO hilarious!!�� I know, some for great friend I am. But, come on now, whose standard are you holding yourself up to...?? Forget 'them' !! :):) Don't we all have seasons we go through?? You sound pretty normal to me--just sayin. All from a great friend of yours, heeheehee!!:)

P.S. from the above note said...

Oh dear! Can I assume you know what I'm saying is hilarious????? Not all the

Kim said...

Ditto. I feel you. That about sums me up right now too, except for the marriage bit.
Prayers and hugs.
P.S. I love dogwood blossoms.