Sunday, July 5, 2015

What Feeds A Woman's Soul?

What feeds a woman's soul...

News? Sports? Politics? Doctrine? Debates?

I wonder what your answer would be?

There are many answers, to be sure, one answer not more right than another necessarily.

I sat in a circle of women today. We came in our Sunday best with our Bibles in hand and our bulletins with the alloted "lesson" printed inside. We gathered to study the Word; to listen to someone expound; to nod and possibly share some insight of our own. Our intentions were a good thing -- the Word will certainly feed our soul.

We took our chairs and arranged our skirts and situated our Bibles and diaper bags. We smiled at our neighbor and surreptitiously checked the bulletin to see where to open our Bibles. And then, honesty struck. You see, our teacher wasn't there and several of us confessed that we hadn't looked at the lesson at all! Oh well, that was ok. We would see how it went.

So, how did it go? Let me tell you...

First a prayer request was shared, then a "How is your back?" for the lady who's back kept her standing the last time we gathered. Then an inquiry to another lady who's joints are paining her and we shared our sympathy as she shared her tears and frustration. On it went - this one sharing her journey of losing her grandma, this one unburdening the struggles of her heart, that one sharing how the Lord has provided exciting answers to prayer and another sharing the frustrations of daily life. There were tears and laughter, words of encouragement and understanding, and lots of love and care passed freely among us. There was laying on of hands and prayer. The bell rang before we were through, and our Bibles still lay untouched in our laps.

I told my husband about our class and he just smiled. "Women need that," I said, a bit defensively. "They do??" he teased, as if he had no idea.

I left that circle with the clear realization that the Word is not the only thing that feeds and fills and nourishes. We need the Word, yes. Most certainly! But the sharing of needs and the hands of compassion and encouragement and love held out in return can fill one's soul to the brim. At least a woman's soul; I will let the men speak for themselves.....


Betsy said...

Oh yes! Amen! What a wonderful time of love and sharing...just as I imagine Jesus would do. After all, he took time for just the same things.

MaryAnn said...

Oh yes! This says so well what my heart has been saying recently. Women need this so much!