Friday, January 1, 2016

January 1

Well, it's January. Time for this much talked about 31 days series, right?

For those of you who are new here, I have, on three occasions, chosen a subject and written about it every day for 31 days. You can find my first series on 'Learning to Lean' here, my second series on 'Submission' here, and my third series 'What Makes a Mennonite a Mennonite?' here.

These writing experiences have been good ones for me. They have pushed me to dig deep and discover what I really believe. They have taught me to stick to a big project and see it through to the end. They have forced me to, not only discover what I believe, but know it well enough to string it together with words coherent enough for an audience to read. They have also been interesting times of interacting with my readers and I have so enjoyed your input!

Those months of writing have also tended to be stressful ones. It takes a lot of physical time and energy to write every day for 31 days! I've found it also takes a lot of emotional energy. I don't enjoy talking about controversial subjects nor do I enjoy putting myself in the middle of conflicting opinions.

I would have to say though that the benefits have probably been greater than the stress. So here I am again, getting ready to go on another writing adventure.

This time I am planning to take a less stressful approach. I am not promising to write every single day in January. I am going to aim for every other day and if I get done saying what I have to say, we'll quit. If I'm still going strong on January 31, we'll keep going! Deal? ☺

I'm looking forward to sharing and I'm looking forward even more to hearing your input...


Gina said...

Not even a hint of the topic? You know how to keep up the curiosity!

Glad you are aiming for less stress - and looking forward to this month.

Tina Z said...

That's a great way to go at it, my dear!;)
Keep up the good work--keep being faithful!Blessings to you!:)
P.S. hint of what the coming posts will be about? Hhmmmmm, the nerve!

Bethany Eicher said...

It's one way to keep you coming back 😉