Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring Is Coming

Spring is coming, slowly coming,
Blowing in on windy gales.
It is coming, hope is promised,
Sprouting green on hills and dales.

Spring is coming, softly coming,
Creeping in on windowsill.
It is coming, sunlight streaming,
Taking with it winter's chill.

Spring is coming, bravely coming,
Splashing in with rain and cloud.
It is coming, do not doubt it,
Mud and showers tho they shroud.

Spring is coming, gently coming,
Pushing in through dead and old.
It is coming, dash of color,
Statement making, see it bold.

Spring is coming, clearly coming,
Calling loudly, Hark the sound!
It is coming, hear it's singing,
Spring is coming, signs abound!

PS. I had included a lovely little video clip of the noisy spring peepers in the swamp across the road but it refused to cooperate so use your imagination.......


Tina Z. said...

Oh, blessed Spring!:) Nice poem!

Rosina said...

Lovely! Spring is such a hopeful season.

Judith Lapp said...