Friday, March 10, 2017

Five Minute Friday: Smells

I'm still doing the little project I talked about here. It's a fun little group where I share a writing prompt every Thursday night and then Friday, if we have time or are in the mood, we set our timer for five minutes and write and share. I think I will start sharing some of mine occasionally, just for fun. Today's prompt was given by a member of the group: Let's talk about smells. What scent brings you alive, triggers particular memories, or influences your mood? Let's try to transport each other.

My mind went immediately to a scent from my childhood and, while I could have written so much more, this is what came out in 5-ish minutes. (We're not super strict  with our rules and three year olds will interrupt...)

I am a child again, riding on the back of my father's pickup. It is the middle Saturday of our church's two weeks of summer Bible school, and we're headed to the traditional, in-between-Saturday picnic. The wind whips our hair, and as we turn onto the bumpy, winding dirt road, we find hand holds to keep us in place and look out for low hanging branches. The road is long, and our seats a mite uncomfortable but at last the air begins to cool and my nose picks up the peculiar, familiar smell. It is a dank and musty smell, and my nose tingles at the fishy, mineral laced odor. The smell spells sand and driftwood and water. It triggers memories of tables laden with finger food, volleyball on a sandy court played by all ages, children splashing in the frigid waters of the White River, while mothers keep a sharp eye on anyone straying out too far. I breathe deeply and inhale the earthy, damp odor and smile.

Even now when I smell it, I invariably observe, "That smells like the White River!"

Is there a scent that immediately evokes strong memories for you like the river scent does for me?


Monica said...

Years ago whenever we would visit at my aunt and uncle's house,we would sleep upstairs with my cousins.My aunt always had a certain kind of bar soap she kept at the sink in the bathroom.(I think it was ivory)to this day whenever i smell ivory soap it takes me upstairs in that house and brings back memories of another era of my life.;)

Bethany Eicher said...

Yes! There is a certain smell my siblings and I refer to as the "grandma Zehr's house" smell ☺