Friday, March 17, 2017

Five Minute Friday: Warmth

Sitting here in my nice, cozy house looking out at clouds and snowflakes and a cold, barren landscape. Back in December the prompt for one Friday was "Warmth". This seems fitting on this chilly, wintry day.


There's the warmth in your eyes,
The warmth in a handshake,
The warmth of a hug,
The warmth in your voice,
The warmth in one's heart.

There's the warmth of a cuddly baby,
The warmth of a tiny hand in yours,
The warmth of little arms around your neck,
The warmth of my teen's approval,
The warmth of a shared laugh.

There's the warmth of a fire,
The warmth of a home,
The warmth of the sun,
The warmth of fleece,
The warmth of a pile of covers.

There's the warmth of love,
The warmth of hope,
The warmth from peace,
The warmth of joy,
There's the warmth of knowing God is in Heaven and all is right with the world.


May your weekend be filled with warmth!

1 comment:

Tina Z. said...

Thank you and same to you n yours! :)
( Actually, as far as the weather is concerned, it IS warm here this afternoon. )