Sunday, November 20, 2011


Sometimes words flow from me like a fountain-thoughts and ideas and truth and insight blend into a coherent string of inspiring manuscript. Tonight it flows from my eyes and soaks my pillow. Why? It's simple I guess. One word really. It's spelled: homesick. Tomorrow our rentor is leaving our house and I can't bear the thot of it sitting there all alone and lonely. I want to rush back to it and gather it in my arms and replay all the happy memories we shared with it. What a silly thing to turn me on my ear but it has done it very effectively! I want to turn on God accusingly and say "Did we really hear You right? How can this possibly be the way?!" I want to demand some clear indication that, yes, this IS the way. I know I'm crazy but the thought of that empty house, the house we filled with such warmth and happiness only months ago, sitting empty and forlorn slays me. Not to mention the fact that here I have no house. No place to call our own. Why God? Why? "This IS the way..." who said that?!? Ok Lord.

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