Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nap Time

A little girl with sleepy eyes, blonde hair that round about them flies.
 A pillow soft, a fan to blow and special blankie tucked just so.
 She raises hands whispers a song, she wiggles round - naps take too long!
 She sits straight up, shakes out her dress, then lays back down...oh she's a mess!
 Pleease little girl with sleepy eyes, your wigglyness my patience tries!!
 Will you hold still and go to sleep? Just close your eyes. Don't say a peep!
And then I see a grown up face where special blankies have no place.
 Oh little girl, the years will fly and somewhere down the road I'll sigh,
and wish for girls with sleepy eyes who's blonde hair round about them flies.
This moment now, this moment here, with blonde haired little girls is dear!
 I'll savor naps with girls that wiggle, girls who squirm and like to giggle,
girls that grow up all too fast - naps take too long, but this won't last!
Oh little girl, I love you so! And now, at last .... to sleep you go.
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Robert J. Gerryts said...

Love this!

Cathy said...


emily wierenga said...

this made me cry.

Stacy said...

So sweet! and true-the years do fly...

Visiting from Emily's.