Thursday, November 17, 2011

Outside the Box

In turning a 24x32 shop building into living quarters, we are constantly trying to find ways to be creative with the space. As my husband said "We have to think outside the box"! Maybe the bedrooms can be several feet smaller in order to have the living area bigger. Maybe a rod in the laundry room could eliminate the need for closets in the children's rooms. It's easy to think things have to be a certain way just because that's the way houses usually are! As a Mennonite coming from a long line of Anabaptist forefathers, I find myself putting God and religion in a box much the same way. If it doesn't fit in my box I tend to dismiss it as wrong. If it's too extravagant, if it's too messy, if it's too immodest, if it's too weird, if it's too modern... The list goes on. There are places God is not. He doesn't violate His word. The truth is, though, that He is in many places besides "my box". That doesn't mean the way I've chosen to obey needs to change. Still, I need to let God be the big God that He is!

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