Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pause. Focus. Rest.

I never stopped to think how much I love Sundays.... but I do! I love this day of rest where everything in our busy life slows to an almost stop. Like an unseen hand pushing pause on the noise of life and we consciously stop to focus on Him. It's a day of fellowshiping with a group of others who are doing the same thing. It's looking at Him together-from our eyes and through other's eyes. It's letting words from Him wash over us in songs, Sunday School and sermon. It's home with nobody running off to work, enjoying lunch together. It's afternoon naps and reading stories and relaxing. It's popcorn and games and kool aid by dad.... Don't we have a thoughtful Father? He provided so much for us and then yet, this! He knew we would need this pause, this conscious focusing, this washing and relaxing. A time to collectively get our breath, focus our hearts, pause specifically before Him and rest. Then, with our lungs full of fresh, clean air, we are ready to launch into the week and being about His business!

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