Monday, November 14, 2011

Stream of....Monday....

Weekends....aaahhhh....that's when I miss Arkansas and my house..... But, it was a good week end. Saturday afternoon with our romp at the park, with coats to ward of the chilly wind! Hitting up the GoodWill and browsing for treasures... And then Pizza Hut and making school kids smile w/ redeemed Book It coupons. Can't forget the ice cream cones from McD's on the way home, with drips on coats, chins and carseats! It's those moments when I value what I've heard from fellow blogging mammas....some of them are so much better then me at letting their kids make a mess and enjoy life! Last night we had an invitation away for the evening....that was a real treat and such a great time to learn to know some people better. Love watching the children playing with new friends and saying on the way home, "We had so much fun!" And now it's Monday morning with a grey sky and wet, wet everywhere. So, what's for today? Maybe I'll make some granola, work on my chorus songs, maybe cut a dress out for Jasmine...we shall see.

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