Monday, July 8, 2013

A New Stage of Mom

I've been a mother of small children for 11 years. I love small children! To me small children are cute, trusting, loving, impressionable, fun. I'm slowly realizing though that my life is entering a new phase. My husband informed me recently that my name should not be on the dish washing schedule- I should never need to wash the dishes! Oh? Novel idea! Sure enough. I have children quite capable of clearing the table, putting the food away and washing the dishes w/ very little help from mom! I also have children capable of hanging out wash, folding it all, cleaning the bathroom, mixing up baked stuff.... You might say, Think how much easier your life is about to be! True, but you have to realize that I'm not naturally a teacher. It takes thought and effort and being intentional for this stuff to happen. Some days it's nice to say "Here's the recipe, mix up some cookies!" A lot of days that takes too much energy! Yes, it's a new stage of Mom. That being said, I can't say I'm missing after meal clean up! :)

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