Thursday, February 13, 2014

And the book belongs to.....

Well, I had 4 of you express an interest in the book Love and Respect that I have to give away. So, I put your names all in a bowl, and shook them around, and drew out... Lo and behold! My very own sister in law, Joy Gingerich! Is that fair? :) Your book will be on the way shortly, Joy! For the rest of you, if you really want to read the book, check out your local library. Or, if you're in my area, I'd be glad to loan you my personal copy! Thanks again for reading along with me. I have a feeling the writing process probably did more for me than anybody else! It's one of those areas in life where you never totally "arrive". In fact, I often wonder if I've learned anything at all! This writing series was good for me, because as I looked back I could see how much I really have learned and changed. I imagine in another 6-8 years I will look back and feel the same way! :) Just want to encourage all of you, whether married or single, let's embrace the beautiful role God planned for us as women. His plan works!

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