Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 28: #4 of The Top 5

You've seen them - the husbands who can't make an announcement at church w/o their wives whispering some vital bit of info they left out. Or the husband is telling a story and the wife insists it was 1980 not 1981!! And husband bashing, have you ever participated in that? One wife starts and then you roll your eyes and join in "Well, MY husband always ________" you fill in the blank. What about to your children? Are you ever tempted to tell a child, "I'm sorry. I think daddy was too hard on you"? Or "My, he was in a bad mood!" Call it #4. Stop Dishonoring Your Husband. Just don't do it! If the announcement lacked info, make sure it's really vital. (Most of the time it's not!) And the story? Does it really have to be corrected? Could we maybe talk about it at home? In the other, more subtle areas, maybe your husband will never know you said it, but it drags down you, your children, and other people's respect for him as a man. Sometimes it's the littlest things that cause the most damage, just don't do it!

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