Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm Getting Older

I must be getting old. Older every day! Why, when I comb my hair, I'm even finding grey! Sledding holds no thrill these days and who'd have ever thot that I would beg "Please, no donuts in the parking lot!"? I hold my breath when children walk too close to the edge, against such chicken heartedness I thot I'd took a pledge! Yes, I must be getting old. Older every day! But some things still turn me young, no matter what I say. The other day I picked a book from off the rows and rows and brought it home...what happened next my heart age truly shows! Two very late nights later, the book lays closed and done. I'm still 16 with a good book and story just begun! Still no self denial, still no self control, and yes, I'm getting older - those late nights took their toll! Still, that rush of reading words, that same old twinge of guilt, "I'll just read another chapter" as good intentions wilt... My bleary eyes come morning, a small, small price to pay to feel that young girl feeling, cause I'm older every day! :)

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tabitha said...

Ah, I am young too when I have a really good book!