Thursday, August 13, 2015

Picture Overload and New House Update

Life has been full to the brim lately. There's been a bunch of this going on this week

A lot of it went in the freezer but we sure enjoyed our share of it like this while it lasted! We also enjoyed a bit of this

And have the piles of sandy clothes and towels and sun kissed faces to prove it.

Someone wondered when I would be posting more pictures of the new house. This post is for you...

The roof got put on a while back, which changed the looks of things!

Most of the windows are in and when my dad was here he did a bunch of dirt work that changed the looks of things again. (That open space is not a garage. It will get filled in eventually - everyone asks.) :)


               A view from the opposite side..

Our first outlet :) And the latest accomplishment.....

....the porch! A friend plans to come help put the porch roof on Saturday and then we'll be ready for shingles.

There's other buildings going up on the house site

I think the builders are as cute as the building!

Now that you are sufficiently updated and on picture overload, I shall run along and leave you in peace.


Judith Lapp said...

neat-o!... i, too, thought that might be a garage :) thanks for the clarification

Tina said...

Oh, wow!!!! It'll be SO nice once you can get it all finished and moved in.... but, yes, it's a lot of work till then.:) Thanks for the update!:)

Mattie said...

That's some really pretty countryside to be building a house. It's a lot of hard work, right? The pictures of the little girls are really cute, and I love how there's going to be a large deck out in the country too. That makes me a little jealous! Congratulations on the building of the new home!