Tuesday, January 24, 2017

31 Days: Especially For My Household

"But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever." 
   I Timothy 5:8 ESV

We all know that the people closest to us are often the hardest to love. Maybe they're also the hardest to give to?

Working on this series has begun a journey for me of changing the perspective on my days. I say 'begun' because it's still in the very early stages; often I forget about it altogether. But it has sparked a desire and when I do remember, it brings excitement and new purpose into my everyday life.

What if every time the little boy with the big, brown eyes comes begging for a story, I am given a chance to store up treasure? What if every time I'm busy and my quiet little girl is taking too long to tell me something, I have an opportunity to store up treasure? What if every time there's a squabble that needs to be settled, it is another chance to store up treasure? What if every time I allow little people to help with my work, even though it slows me down, I am storing up treasure?

On a more mundane level, what if cheerfully doing laundry is storing up treasure? Washing dishes? Cleaning bathrooms? Cooking meals? Sweeping floors? What if I looked at all the 101 mundane, daily tasks that need to be done as opportunities to invest in the lives of those closest to me?

I Timothy 5:8 may be talking specifically about providing monetarily for our families but I think we provide for them in so many more ways. If storing up treasure in Heaven is about giving and investing in other people, I think those closest to us may very well be the most important place to start. I can only begin to imagine the difference a change in perspective on my days could make for me ....she said, as her three year old interrupted her for the fifth time in one paragraph......

It is easy to look at all the many needs out there and feel useless. I want to do the big things, help the orphans and the people who have never heard about Jesus! I forget that pouring my life out in cheerful service to those closest to me has farther reaching effects than I can begin to imagine. Because I read those stories and gave those hugs and kisses, five more sets of hands and feet may someday reach more people than I ever could today.


Katrina Martin said...

As a mom of three littles, this resonates with me. I think just maybe this is what the preachers have been saying all along about the important role moms play in Kingdom building... 😉 But I like how you're tying it in with our finances, giving, priorities, etc. I've pondered this topic a lot, so I'm thoroughly enjoying this series. Thanks!

~Katrina Martin, OK

Anonymous said...

Well written! My husband and I often discuss how I as a mom can keep things running smoothly here at home (finances included) so that he can work more on Kingdom building. We as wives can really do a lot to backup our husbands and be a Kingdom building team.

Bethany Eicher said...

Thank you. I need this as much as anyone!

Bethany Eicher said...

"Kingdom building team", I like that!

Danette Martin said...

I love the practicality of this post. It is so true - the people we live closest to are often the ones with whom we are most "stingy". Thanks for the great perspective and challenge!