Monday, July 2, 2012

On Power Outages and Attitudes

I've been through my share of power outages in my time. Our area in AR was known for ice storms and tornados...and power outages! When I was young I always thought it was kinda fun! Using lanterns an candles and living like the pioneers for a few days... Of course mom always had a gas stove so we didn't go hungry, which made life easier. Being a mom in that situation was a bit different, rocking children who are used to sleeping with night lights, entertaining and keeping little people warm/cool, needing to get the clothes washed eventually... Being out for nearly 2 weeks once was a little beyond "fun" to be sure! Still, with generators, meals at grandpas, games by candle light, reading books out loud... it makes great memories to look back on and talk about! In case you hadn't guessed, we're out of electric right now. I realized last night how much difference an attitude makes! Yes, it's hot, dark, unhandy, awful...but there's porch swings, games, books... and we might as well make some good memories! :)

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