Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Phone Call

Moving and not having your own house tends to get your attention and straighten up some priorities. The fourth day without electricity is pretty attention grabbing too. There's nothing quite as attention grabbing and priority straightening though as a phone call with a death message. Nothing knocks you over flat, sets you up straight, knocks the wind out of your sails and looks you straight in the eye in one fell swoop quite like that. It came this morning. Chris' cousin Linda's husband, Rojo, is singing in a Heavenly Choir. We didn't want him there, we wanted him here, hugging his babies and kissing his wife good bye as he left for work this morning! Our hearts cry and we sit around numbly with no electricity and no house knocked neatly into place in our list of priorities. Truth is, we're all longing to sing in that Heavenly Choir, it would just be nice if we could all join at the same time! So, Rojo, we rejoice at your completed Journey! And, Jesus, we're glad we can trust Linda and her babies to You.

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