Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Winter break

I'm loving this week off of school! Usually i would be despairing of the boredom and chaos in the house with 5 children home every day but this winter i am so weary of needing to get out in snow or mud or freezing temps twice a day that i am just loving every minute of this week off!! Today the big boy went off to work with dad and we left the little boy with grandma while we enjoyed our "girls day out". We didn't do much, really. But we took our time and enjoyed doing it! :) we wandered around in the goodwill and hunted down treasures in the dollar tree (grandma's gift of money was burning holes in our pockets!!) we searched for the coveted rubber bands to make bracelets at walmart and ate lunch at wendys with desert of a frosty and four spoons. We talked silly and serious and laughed and shivered in the cold wind. It was nothing special but oh so very special all in one! Tomorrow
we'll stay home and clean and wash but today was girl's day out :)

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