Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Cookies Revolutionized

Thanks to Shaunda at I am about to change your life forever in the Christmas cookie department! :) Thanks to her inspiration, decorating 12 dozen sugar cookies turned out to be a breeze and they looked cute too!

Making Christmas cut outs wasn't something we did at home. I think I've done them once with my children and not only were we sick of frosting and sprinkles by the time we were done, I think we were all rather grouchy too. Not that that had anything to do with the mom's attitude or anything, but we won't go there! I did find a recipe I like for sugar cookies that you drop by tablespoon instead of rolling and cutting, but the frosting and sprinkles were still a trial!

Enter Shaunda and her great idea, just when I had signed up to make 8 dozen sugar cookies for the men in prison ---- All you need to do is take a freezer bag (or decorator bag), fill with frosting, twist closed, snip off the end and start making squiggles! Easy peasy and looks so much nicer than the crooked, smeary mess made with knives in children's hands. They went so well I made another batch just for us! :) The squiggles look just as cute on cut out cookies...

So, quit dreading the "Christmas cookie project" and have some fun with your littles! Oh, and don't know what to do with the leftover frosting? Open wide! :)

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Tina said...

Yea! Neat idea!:) I don't do these either USUALLY but I was thinking I'd do them yet before Christmas. Thanks!